Festival poster exhibition

12.04-5.05, Depot History Centre The posters all come from Wojtek Siwek’s collection – he is the only living witness and participant in all editions of

TRIO SŁABOSZOWSKIEGO, STUDIO PR we Wrocławiu, 1970 - 7 edycja festiwalu Jazz nad Odrą. Fot. Marek Karewicz

MK JAZZ FOTO Exhibition

11.04-5.05, Impart It’s impossible to forget Marek Karewicz, but in order for his persona to inspire following generations of photographers, a competition has been established

jno_konferencja_prasowa_fot.Marcin.Jędrzejczak (13 of 20)

55. Jazz on the Odra – programme

This year’s anniversary edition of the Jazz on the Odra Festival, curated by Leszek Możdżer for the fifth time, offers a diverse programme for jazz