Kasia Pietrzko Trio

April 26, 2023 11:00 pm
Vertigo Jazz Club & Restaurant
Oławska 13

Tickets price: 40 PLN


Kasia Pietrzko Trio – concert promoting the latest release Fragile Ego

Kasia Pietrzko – piano

Andrzej Święs – bass

Piotr Budniak – drums

photo: press materials

Femininity along with its emotional nuances are aspects that Kasia Pietrzko wanted to (sub)consciously stamp out from her work at the beginning of her musical journey. It stemmed from her assumption of the misguided stereotype that the world of jazz belongs to men. However, after a few years, it became clear that the feminine energy, which the pianist finally decided to trust, influenced her new compositions in a fascinating way and infused them with new energy, making them multi-layered, multi-threaded and multi-tonal.

On the new release, the leader is as always accompanied by Andrzej Święs and Piotr Budniak – artists who contribute a great deal to the sound of the trio and are the pianist’s equal partners. In their work on the new material – in addition to solid playing – they have strongly developed their individual musical narratives. Stylistically, the album refers to Impressionism, manifested in the pursuit of capturing a temporary sonic image and sensitivity to colour. They do not shy away from the inspiration of contemporary music of the early 20th century by using both minimalist and dense harmonic textures. It is also worth pointing out the expressive nature of the composition, with powerful emotions present in the improvisations and main themes, expressed in an interesting musical nervousness of sounds and melodic runs.

Kasia Pietrzko is a pianist, composer, arranger and a graduate of the Academy of Music in Krakow, where she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree.

Following an impactful debut with her trio, she has quickly risen to become not only a leading young artist on the Polish phonographic scene, but also aroused considerable interest throughout Europe. In 2018, she performed with Tomasz Stańko’s quartet at Alchemia in Krakow. The event marked the start of a European tour by the artist’s new quartet, which was cut short by his unexpected death. After the great success of Kasia Pietrzko Trio’s first album Forthright Stories (2017), which won the Mateusz Award, the Jazz Melomani Grand Prix and a nomination for the Fryderyk Award, Kasia began touring high-profile music stages, festivals and showcases around the world. She has given concerts at the NDR Studio in Hamburg, the 12 Points Jazz Festival, the Jazz Forum Showcase, Jazz au Chellah in Morocco, and the Brno Jazz Festival and many others.

In 2020, in spite of the pandemic, the trio presented its second original album – Ephemeral Pleasures. The album demonstrates the consistency of style and the development of the trio’s own language. The band’s collaborative spirit and powerful energy combine with a sophisticated blend of harmonic imagination, lyricism and unfettered creativity. In May 2021, Kasia Pietrzko Trio was the only band to represent Poland at the Jazzahead in Bremen.

At the invitation of the Chopin and his Europe Festival, Kasia Pietrzko, teamed up with saxophonist Maciej Kądziela, to compose jazz interpretations of poems by Cyprian Kamil Norwid, read by Andrzej Chyra. The project premiered in August 2021 at the National Philharmonic in Warsaw. An album version followed shortly afterwards – the studio album entitled Norwid was released in September 2022. Meanwhile, in November 2021, during the Jazz Autumn in Bielsko-Biała, she made her long-time dream a reality on stage – an original concert entitled Anxious Beauty, performed by her own trio accompanied by a jazz quintet and mixed choir.

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