Jazz on the Odra returns in September

Jazz on the Odra returns in September. We know the date of the upcoming edition of the festival and the names of the musicians opening the festival programme.

The Wrocław Culture Zone has announced the first date in the 2021 festival roster. The 57th edition of the Jazz on the Odra Festival will start on 15 September and run for five days. “After a challenging 2020, we are back on the familiar track. We look forward to the future, in which Jazz on the Odra will offer not only indoor concerts, but also an open-air stage and a city teeming with music – even in spite of the fact that we had to move the event. The end of April was always associated with the great celebration of jazz music in Wrocław; however, like the artists and their agencies, we still know too little about the possibilities for the concert industry in spring.  We do not want to take any chances and once again subject all the people involved in the event – including our audience – to constant postponements. Jazz on the Odra means musicians on stage and a full house. We are ready to wait for the festival in that shape until September,” claims Krzysztof Maj, General Director of the Wrocław Culture Zone.

2020 Grand Prix Laureate

The first concert of this year’s edition will feature Marcin Pater Trio, winners of the Grand Prix in the 2020 Jazz Personality Contest. The music by the band, which thrilled the competition jury, combines the broadly understood jazz music with elements of rock, while vibraphone using as the leading instrument makes their sound original and fresh. Their oeuvre comprises the frontman’s original songs, filled to the brim with emotions and limitless energy. The musicians won’t appear on the first stage solely as s a trio, due to the new tradition of the Jazz Personality Contest – collaboration of the Grand Prix winner with the festival’s artistic director in the following year. The musicians of Marcin Pater Trio will take this opportunity and on the first day of the festival we will see them in a joint performance with Leszek Możdżer.

Radiohead of British jazz

Brits from GoGo Penguin return to the festival roster! The music of the band – dubbed the “Radiohead of British jazz” — is based in equal parts on rock, jazz and minimalist influences, as well as complex works of artists such as Aphex Twin and Four Tet, based on which they create their dynamic and experimental music. Their concert during last year’s edition was cancelled due to the coronavirus outbreak, but thanks to the new date, they will come to Wrocław after the release of their self-titled album, which hit the shelves in June 2020.

The festival will run from the 15th to the 19th of September and will include a series of concerts, performances by the finalists of the 2020 Jazz Personality Contest, all-night jam sessions and accompanying events.