TubisTrio-press03 fot. Piotr Romanowski

Tubis Trio

An album for all people, regardless of their musical tastes

Tubis Trio – the most promising young Polish band gathers only enthusiastic reviews. The musicians have formed a single organism, and each of them is an equal creator of sound, which surprises with references to various musical styles and draws listeners into a musical spectacle. “Besides offering plenty of detail under the surface, The Truth can just as easily serve as jazz for people who don’t normally like jazz, a charming and genuinely buoyant listen for just about any taste,” said Geno Thackara, an American jazz critic in a review of the latest album (released by the Dutch label Challenge Records) published at All About Jazz website.

The essence of Tubis Trio’s music are improvisations developing around the composition of the trio’s members. “Their music is a combination of catchy melodies and a contagious, brilliantly selected light pop rhythm filled with syncopation and elegiac solos, especially by Tubis. The compositions are ear-friendly without being dull. Their strength becomes evident in the energy and dynamic performance of the band, creating an impressive balance,” wrote Angelique Van Os for Jazzism, a Dutch magazine.


Maciej Tubis (piano)
Paweł Puszczało (double bass)
Przemek Pacan (drums)