Kuba Więcek Trio

Kuba Więcek Trio

Multitasking Live

The 12th of April will be marked by the release of Multitasking, Kuba Więcek’s second album recorded together with Michał Barański and Łukasz Żyta. Two years after the première of Another Raindrop, the band’s Fryderyk Award-winning debut album, the musicians are recording another release, which is an extension of their earlier explorations of the sound background, form, as well as the very meaning of music. The 55th Jazz on the Odra Festival will be an opportunity for the Wrocław audience to get acquainted with this material as the first listeners.

Even during the first tour promoting our debut album, I knew that it was time to change some things. Thanks to all our travels and all the concerts played with with Michał and Łukasz, I got to know them a bit better, which enabled me to write songs with this particular band in mind. I really like to jump off of the deep end, to get us out of our comfort zone, try out all the spur-of-the-moment ideas. I want each of my composition to have something special, something that can distinguish it from everything else there is. I spend a lot of time travelling, meeting new people, listening to new music – it’s just inspirational,” says Kuba Więcek.

Kuba Więcek – saxophonist and composer. Despite his young age, he is one of the most recognisable jazz musicians in Poland. Winner of Fryderyk and Polish Radio 3 Mateusz Awards for his debut album entitled Another Raindrop, which was included in the legendary Polish Jazz series as the first debut album in 28 years. Graduate of Rytmisk Musik Conservatorium in Copenhagen. He currently lives in Warsaw, studies at the Academy of Music in Krakow and plays concerts all around the world on a regular basis.


Kuba Więcek (alto saxophone, electronics)
Michał Barański (double bass, bass guitar, konnakol)
Łukasz Żyta (drums, glockenspiel)