Kraków Street Band fot. A. Fedorowicz Gallery
Kraków Street Band fot. A. Fedorowicz

Kraków Street Band

The formation is becoming the city’s new musical highlight for visitors from Poland and abroad. The band got famous with street concerts which happened to be a great way to promote its music among wide audience. The band also got to the finals of Must Be the Music talent show. Łukasz Wiśniewski (harmonica) is the bandleader. The band recorded many original songs and cover songs, including the mix of blues, country and jazz music. In the annual survey of Poland’s most renowned blues magazine Twój Blues Kraków Street Band won Discovery of the year in 2014 and Band of the year in 2015. The group performed in Poland, Italy, Spain and Hungary. The band’s bluegrass energy during live performances brings joy to audience all over the Europe.