Jose Torres & Havana Dreams

Jose Torres & Havana Dreams

Journey to warm countries

Havana Dreams is led by Jose Torres, a well-known musician of Cuban origin. The repertoire of the band encompasses the quintessence of Cuban traditional music, famous songs in the style of the Buena Vista Social Club and custom compositions. The artists also present contemporary Cuban genres, such as TIMBA, which plays a significant role in the present-day culture. Concerts played by Jose Torres & Havana Dreams are a journey to warm countries, to the streets of Havana, where the Sun, the smell of coffee and cigars leaves no doubt that you wandered to the land of joyful music, warmth and carelessness.

Jose Torres is an artist from Cuba, a virtuoso of percussion instruments, who has lived in Poland for many years now. Founder of the first Polish salsa orchestra – Jose Torres y Salsa Tropical. Performing on the Polish music scene for over 30 years, he collaborated with many stars, including Maryla Rodowicz, Kayah, Ewa Bem, Urszula, Maanam, Ryszard Rynkowski, Stanisław Soyka, Grzegorz Ciechowski, Raz Dwa Trzy, Mietek Szcześniak, Blue Café and many others. He has also performed and recorded with leading jazz musicians: Tomasz Stańko, Wojciech Karolak, Zbigniew Namysłowski, Jarosław Śmietana and Leszek Możdżer.


Jose Torres (percussion instruments, tres guitar, vocal)

Juan Carlos Hechavarria (percussion instruments, vocal)

Filip Torres (bass guitar)

Tomek Torres (percussion instruments)

Maria Rodriguez (vocal)

Miguel Fonseca (trumpet)

Jakub Klepczyński (trombone)

Emilio Padron (guitar)

Maciej Cybulski (piano)