Algorhythm fot. Alice Nowicka


Open approach to improvisation. Melodic phrases combined with non-obvious rhythms. Mathematics and metaphysics. Geometry of water. Algorhythm was formed in 2013. From the very beginning of its existence, the band has been bringing together various ideas, musical currents and personalities. The only constant element of its work is free artistic expression. The very name of the band is a symbolic word, which refers to the concept of algorithm, which is used daily in all areas of contemporary life. The music of Algorhythm reflects the everyday emotions and thoughts of modern humans.

New album: Termomix

The band’s latest release is an attempt to demonstrate their own approach to improvisation. Melodic phrases, non-obvious rhythms, combining various ideas, musical styles and personalities. Mathematics and metaphysics – mathcore. The shape of Termomix and the music material featured in the latest release will be made up of a multitude of dissonances and dynamism of songs. The songs will include anywhere from a few to more than a dozen themes, sprinkled with some polymetry and polyrhythm as a way to play with rhythms. This album will continue the band’s efforts towards developing a common sound and creating their own musical language. However, the collective plans on drawing upon the influence of electronic music to a greater extent and include new elements such as the Moog bass synthesizer, Wurlitzer electric piano, KORG Volca and OP-1 synthesizer in its line-up.


Emil Miszk (trumpet)
Piotr Chęcki (tenor saxophone)
Szymon Burnos (piano, moog, fx)
Sławek Koryzno (drums, tank drum)