Platinum and Gold for Możdżer and Danielsson!

During the Wednesday festival concert of the Lars Danielsson 5tet we will have a chance to witness a unique ceremony. Leszek Możdżer and Lars Danielsson will be awarded with symbolic accolades of the prestigious German ACT record label, with which both of the artists cooperate.

The title of Platinum Record will be awarded to the “Passodoble” album recorded by this magnificent duo in 2007. Danielsson’s “Tarantella” album (2009) will be awarded a Golden Album status.


Apart from “our” two musicians, the following artists participated in the recording of the Tarantella: Mathias Eick – trumpet, John Paricelli – guitar, Eric Harland – drums. The awards will be presented by the Jazz on the Odra “senior” – Wojciech Siwek. See you there!