Music Exchange

On the 30th of April, starting at 12:00 p.m. until the last note
Impart, Mazowiecka 17
Admission is free

Fot. FIlip Błażejowski
Fot. FIlip Błażejowski

Are you a jazz fan? Do you collect vinyl albums, CDs or cassette tapes? Are you looking for something new, or would you rather talk about music in a friendly atmosphere? On the 30th of April, during International Polish Jazz Day, all music lovers are invited to a music exchange, taking place as part of the 53rd edition of the Jazz on the Odra Festival.

The exchange will be a perfect opportunity to expand your music collection, learn more about new albums and publications, exchange some CDs, as well as meet your fellow music lovers and have a conversation in a nice company. The atmosphere of the event will surely be hot.

This year’s exchange will feature many new albums as well as original and unique publications. It will also feature De’Molika’s festival boutique with gadgets, albums and publications playing during the Jazz on the Odra Festival – as well as other events. Wydawnictwo C2 publishing house will present their music books, and the Polish Poster Gallery in Wrocław will show the audience the most outstanding posters from their collection. Admission to the exchange is free.

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We would like to encourage all publishers, music stores, collectors of albums on vinyl, cassettes, CDs and DVDs, as well as other media, collectors of books, posters, gadgets and accessories to sign up and book a stand.

Stand booking & information: Kuba Zasada, phone: 608 087 675, e-mail:

Organisers: Biuro Wrocław 2016, Sklep Muzyczny De’Molika, Dolnośląska Giełda Fonograficzna